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Artistic Hardscaping


dry stack stone sculpture


“The craft of traditional stone masonry in a landscape context, performed with such skill and style that it should rightly be called Art”



Artistic Dry Stone Walls


dry stack sculpture



I like to get my stones flowing. Get them doing something interesting, something different from what you normally see in a dry stone wall.

A landscape should be fun, right? let’s build an arch…for no particular reason, or have large upright boulders, or have the wall stones all swirly-like rather than just level. It doesn’t have to be something zaney…really, I’m not into pure whimsy myself. My walls are built with a serious sober minded, reasonable mindset. But it’s good to have a little fun, right?

dry stone wall

level stacked walls are fun too….


dry stack stone art

Artistic flagstone Patios

It’s fun to do stuff with stone, stuff that you didn’t expect me to do with landscaping stone.


Artistic Dry Stone Steps

dry stack wall steps and patio art

Dry stone steps pose a particular challenge–landscape steps should not wobble. Ever. And they should provide a nice even tread to step upon, a comfortable, level step. That’s how you want your dry stone steps to be! Once you’ve got all that covered, maybe we can get a bit creative….


Dry Stone Sculpture

dry stack sculpture

I was trying to explain to you guys earlier, that I like to do stuff with stone, with landscape stone. See, right here–stuff, landscape stuff with stone, outside. Stacked ’em up, I did.

So anyway, I have vision..way beyond the little ventures that I’ve photographically portrayed here, so far. No, my friends, the best is yet to be! what you want to do right now is become a patron of the arts. When you hire me, you are not just contracting a landscape contractor guy, you are also commissioning a unique work of functional landscape art. So let me be your landscape contractor/artist.  We’ll do noteworthy deeds, have a great time and afterwards, you’ll be left with an awesome hardscape, a hardscape like none other.


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Our permanent address is in the Poconos at 402 Eastbrook rd Effort PA 18330 We also maintain a shop in Schwenksville, enabling us to also serve the Main Line area, Montgomery, Philadelphia and Chester Counties Devin is available to travel, for artistic commissions

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