Paid Site Consultations

Well every project is different and every client is different, but generally it goes like this:

You call or email me saying you want a patio. I can give you a quote then for free. Pretty easy for me to do. Thousand square foot patio–arty or rustic? Dimensional or irregular? I give you a ball park figure. Then, if you like what you hear so far, we agree to have me do a site visit.

My fee for initial consultation is 150.00

Why I do not do free estimates

Well again I DO give free quotes, via phone or email.

But you expect a professional to come visit your home for free? Does you doctor do that? Lawyer or any other professional? No. Who does then–who does come visit your house for “free”? The vacuum sales man. His goal is very very simple: to sell. My goal, in a site consultation is to give you value, to share my knowledge and to share my ideas. My goal is simple too then: my goal is to help. I have no pressure to sell, I relax and focus on helping.

Plus, I’m the areas number one natural stone guy. There’s no way possible I could run around all day every day, for free.


What you get–you get your monies worth

We take our time, look at the project from multiple angles. I answer all your questions, and offer ideas and suggestions. A dedicated craftsman and visionary landscape artist coming by to your house, to share knowledge and vision…I know, I’m giving it away and my fee is too low, but I enjoy this work, so it’s all good.

Masonry, hardscapes and stone art on the Main Line:


masonry hardscape limerick Pa

And I can cook up just about any style. The work that I do has to suit the client and the space, the place where we’ll be working. Sometimes it’s formal elegance.

dry stone sculpture

Other times, it’s playful whimsy.

landscape wall


Or earthy and rustic/old time traditional stone craft. Dry stone retaining wall and flagstone patio in South Coventry

natural stone work

stone benches in Devon PA

Or sometimes, it’s something new–a new twist, something you’ve never seen before because it’s never been done before. Notched Boulder Benches in Devon.

old style stone steps

stone steps in Zeiglersville Pennsylvania

Or a historical style match. Old house, new steps that match historic style, Zieglersville PA


And I do landscape sculptures too….

Only natural stone, only traditional, real stone masonry. We regularly do projects in the Main Line area, the Poconos, and West Chester New York. I do travel further, but the general serving area includes:

Devon PA | Chester Springs PA | Irvington NY | Yonkers NY | West Chester NY | Bryn Mawr PA | Paoli PA | Limerick, PA | Collegeville PA

Call 610-301-4269





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