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This Is Devin Devine


It’s the story of the underdog who surmounted all obstacles, mastered himself and built epic landscapes.

After 10 years working in outdoor construction, masonry, and landscaping, Devin Devine started Devine Escapes in 2007. He began his own stone landscaping company, as a stone mason who wanted to create wholesome and inspiring spaces in greater harmony with nature.  He hoped that this would give him the chance to spend more time on his artwork, as well, since he would make his own schedule. But then something different happened,  he began expressing himself artistically with the stones, his work and his art became one.

My clients allow me the opportunity to do what I love doing. I can’t even say thank you enough.  Devine Escapes is a creative venture, creating beauty and creating harmony, incidentally keeping me fed, clothed, and sheltered.

A different sort of landscaping company

I use local, natural materials to design comfortable, inspiring, outdoor spaces. Your landscape should look like it fits in with its environment and actually be built from it’s environment. . The goal is to make your local environment, your yard, into a better place, without doing undue damage to the larger world. I hope to create a space that encourages you to spend time outside, too.

When you hire me you both you can expect individual attention, my focus for the entire project, as well as each and every stone, you can expect the best work that I can deliver, within budget, and timely completion.

Built to Traditional Standards

The oldest standing structures built by humans are made of dry stone.  A solid understanding of the principles of physics is necessary to design something that will stand the test of time.  We build to traditional standards, even when we create something no one has seen before.

Natural Materials

Using stone and other materials from right here in Pennsylvania is important to us, and we think it should be important to you, too.  Not only does it make landscape features that “fit in” with your land’s natural beauty, but it also cuts fuel usage in transporting materials, and eliminates the impact of fabricating manufactured materials.  We try to use what’s at our feet, so to speak.

Attention to Detail and Artistic Form

When we create a design, we look at the land first.  Sometimes we just stand there and stare at it for a while.  It’s like a painter staring at their canvas before making any marks, visualizing what the painting will look like.  After the staring is done, we might make marks on the ground and take photos.  Then, the design is drawn on paper, most of the time.  From here, we collaborate with you, the land owner, to create a hardscape that is uniquely suited to your land and your family, as well as our artistic vision.

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