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Dry Stone Sculpture


devin devine stone art

Devin Devine with stone bench and stone sculptures, at a recent exhibit in Oaks Pennsylvania


dry stone art



Devin Devine Dry Stone Vase

Stacked stone vase, small easily portable and colorful: ‘Tis my pleasure to present to you the I Dream of Jeanie Vase.    



landscape artist

My old yard, in Schwenksville pa

Like my other dry stone sculptures before it–my first Stacked Stone Vase AKA the Lithedelic Goddess Vessel, was a journey. from concept, to engineering, to manifestation. At one point, it was just a dream, like “hey, wouldn’t it be awesome if I could build something like this?” And wow, it was only in January of this year, 2014, that this got built.

dry stone sculpture

Like I said, it was a journey–between blizzards, with my shelter collapsing under the weight of ice and snow, with the date of the home and garden show approaching like a big scary deadline, with bills piling up because I was chasing a dream rather than money…..Well, I ended up getting 2 of them ready before the show 🙂

land art, landscape sculpture

This sphere was one of my favorite projects to build. I even wrote up a walk-through, documenting the building process, with photos and descriptions for each stage of it’s construction. It’s in a blog post entitled building a dry stone sphere.

And then of course many of my flagstone patios, walkways, walls and other hardscape features are sculptural in their own right:

amazing dry stone work

dry stone steps, wall and patio

dry stone art

wall and patio, with swirling/spiral motif

artistic landscaping

stone vase

Functional planter. Can readily be modified into a water fountain–already has a pipe running through it’s center. Here it is seen sans water and sans planting, instead with a glass sphere sitting within the planting vessel.

Note: some of the smaller pieces shown here are not true dry stone. They are built in much the same way as my larger dry stone sculptures, but contain the addition of glue and/or cements, to make them stable enough to be transported. Also, since they’re smaller….the larger ones are entirely sturdy due to their own weight. Glue and/or well-hidden cement and other “dirty tricks” are only employed if vandalism is a concern/zoning regulations/customers wish forces it. My preference is to go completely dry, whenever possible. A five thousand pound sphere is NOT easy to knock over. You’d have to unstack it, one stone at a time, until you got to the half-way point, at which point it would become unstable and would topple more easily. A two foot tall vase however, if it were dry stacked would be vulnerable to accidents. Since I spend a lot of time on these, and since kind people pay me good money for them, then yeah, the smaller ones will have some type of bonding agent. In all cases, my work is well made and built to last.



stacked stone fountain

Unfinished fountain. Sitting in my yard currently…I’ll put the the final touches on it when the right prperty/right customer comes along.

dry stone sculpture



slate vase sculpture

I can build them level too–If I feel so inclined.

dry stone sculpture

Dry Stone Face-Cup Illusion

And newly completed! as of August 2014–the face illusion, front and center in the photo right above. Here it is seen with some other recent works and works in progress, at my workshop, my top secret mountain hide-away, in the Poconos Pennsylvania.

Thank you for looking.

More to come, soon my friends, more to come soon…

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