Some people want to hire me to just help them design their landscape for them…some people want to hire me to design and then actually build a landscape for them. Some people however do not want to, or can’t afford to hire me to do the entire project for them, but maybe they want more professional assistance then just a design……so,

I do landscape project management and offer DIY lessons/site consultation

(Phone consultation services are also available. I am your Hardscape Helper.)


patio in progress

Each project is different. I’ve had jobs where the client handled the excavation, then I did the rest of the work…I’ve had a job where me and my crew did the excavation and set a foundation and left the client to build their own patio. On other jobs, I’ve actually came in to coach the DIY hardscaper, give ’em some pointers and helpful hints as they DIY themselves a patio. Yeah, I’ve had someone call me in as a lifeline before, saying “Devin, I tried to DIY my own hardscape here, but I’m over my head”. Well hey, that’s no problem–and when you need heroics like that, me and my crew can be somewhat dashing. Heroics are fine, but I’m also writing this page for people who want to plan ahead on using some of my help–more than just as a landscape designer, less than the traditional contractor relationship… Just need a coach for an hour or two, get in there and show you what needs doing? Or need a landscape contractor to just show up and offer consultation one day out of the week? Need a stone mason to drop by every few days and make sure you’re doing it right? Just a little bit of help as in “consultation” or do you need someone to order all materials, guide you through the whole thing, bring on helpers for part of the time, hire a sub or two and run the whole thing ala a “project manager”? Hey, let’s just talk and we’ll figure out what you need. I’m here to help, not hinder. ¬† As a hardscape consultant or project manager I can:

  • make sure you are ordering the correct amount of landscape materials that you need. Help you calculate quantities of gravel, figure out how much flagstone you need
  • Set up elevation stakes and help you figure our how deep you need to dig, how much pitch your patio should have
  • give you lessons in proper dry stone walling methods
  • lessons in how to lay flagstone
  • masonry lessons, how to lay flagstone in cement, build stone walls, re-point old stone work/brickwork
  • bring in my earth moving equipment and/or myself and/or helpers, to help get you past the heavy lifting part of the job
  • help figure out the lay-out, assist with the landscape design
  • help with any aspect of any type of hardscape, masonry or landscape project
  • make sure you are going to be okay as far as groundwater control goes, make sure you’ve got drainage covered

Permaculture Design site services include:

  • Water management, water collection, natural pond construction and earth works
  • Soil building and good composting
  • How to better manage your land, to use the resources already at your disposal, to help your land to thrive.
  • How to create gardens that take care of themselves, that after some initial work getting started, eventually grow into healthy, food producing ecosystems.
  • Food resiliency.
  • You probably already have most of what you need on your property. These resources just need to be managed properly, organized in such a way that nature can do what it does, and you can relax and enjoy the abundance.

Phone Consultations also available!

With one phone call I can walk you through your entire project and answer all your questions empowering you to complete your own stone hardscape project with confidence. and style.. Rates starting at just $45.00 for a 30 minute consultation. More info here. Other services offered include:

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