Log Work

log arbor

cedar log arbor with built in benches, hand made from cedar logs and branches

Hand Made Log Arbors in Pennsylvania and New York


I like to do log work sometimes too. I work mostly with cedar, which I collect after storms. I’ll be driving along, see a storm fallen cedar–and if I have my chainsaw with me, it’s on.

cedar log arbor

Another log arbor. Built from a storm fallen tree–this tree, let me tell about this tree. I was driving down the road on a windy day and actually witnessed the tree fall down–right into the road. Well, it was holding up traffic, but luckily I did have my saw with me that day. Kept the traffic moving–and I got some awesome lumber out of the deal.

Log and Branch Cat Trees, made in the Pocono mountain region of Pennsylvania

patio decor inside decor

One of my favorite cat trees. The cat’s pretty cool too.


cat tree made from cedar branch

This one does not have an actual “stand”, rather it gets bolted right to the wall. Takes up a lot less floor space that way.

Cat trees! Ages ago, I built my first cat tree, from lumber which I got for free from a construction site. A few years after that I had the notion of hey, it’s called a cat tree….why not make it out of branches–rather than 2×4’s?

log work

This ones made from birch, except for the platforms which are cedar

Natural Log Art and Stone Art

log furniture

interesting shelf, made from a single log with branches intact and pieces of flagstone

This last one is my newest. I had this awesome log laying around for over a year–I knew as soon as I saw it how it was going to look–it was going to look basically unchanged. no need to peg any branches into place at all, they were all already in the right place. Some of my other pieces are built this way as well–other times, I need to mortise and tenon a new branch into place. So yeah, I just made the stone stand for it, and fit the platforms into place. I think this will stay outside and be used to house potted plants.

….alternatively, maybe it will be part of my workshop. Tools and stone will be stored on these shelves! Hey, my customers get all this cool stuff built by me…..I think I get to have one for myself. Usually, my tool shelves are these functional, but unappealing structures made from scrap wood and re-claimed cinderblocks. Having my hammers and what-not stored up on this will surely brighten my day a bit.

log art, stone art

And the job sign. Pretty cool for a contractors job sign, right?


And this one too:

framed art print Fine art print displaying of one of my dry stone spheres, in a cedar branch frame.


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