Stone fireplace in Irvington New York

fireplace surround                                                                                                                                        

Stone Masonry in Westchester New York

Well the cement is not even dry on this one just yet. I’ll update this photo in a week or so, after the mantel and trim carpentry around the fireplace is completed.

There’s also a story behind this one, which I’ll have to write up one day soon. Short version: the client had a photo of a fireplace that they had seen on houzz. They hired a local mason to duplicate the look and style of that fireplace but the result did not live up to expectations. So the home owner searched the internet for a stone mason whose skill and expertise is undoubted: they called in the Big Guns. That’s me. Anyways, I’ll have before, during and after photos of this one, with the full story, soon enough, soon enough.


fireplace surround                                                                                                                                Fireplace in Irvington, Westchester county New York

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Flagstone Patio repair in Hartsdale, NY

flagstione patio in Hartsdale

flagstone patio repair

Here’s a patio we repaired in Hartsdale, Westchester New York

It was a dry laid flagstone patio, set on a gravel foundation in Westchester New York. The patio was actually pretty well-built to begin with, but over the course of 25 years, things eventually need some maintenance. This flagstone patio had become a bit un-level, with some stones too high, others too low, creating not quite a tripping hazard, but to walk on the patio you might stumble a bit. Also, the stone dust in between the flagstones had largely washed away over the years.

If I was building a brand new patio like this, in Westchester NY, the main thing I’d do differently is that I’d have made the flagstone joints just a bit tighter.


flagstone paio, repaired in Hartsdale New YorkHere it is after repair. Simple job. We leveled off the stone and re-filled the joint material. By that, I mean to say that we lifted up about 90 percent of the stones and set them level again, then we re-filled the flagstone joints with stone dust. No big deal. Took me and two guys one day, cost the client about one thousand dollars.

pattern cut flagstone

Wet-laid flagstone repair. This flagstone patio had a situation where all the mortar was coming loose, and many of the stones were popping up…a few days with Devine Escapes on the scene, and 900 square foot of flagstone patio is looking like brand new.

dry stone wall, corner Dry stone wall in Yonkers, Westchester county, New York. ardscaping in yonkers



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