Stacked Stone Sculptures

I take small bits of stone, and stack them together into sculptural forms. The stones are often leftover fragments of stone from hardscaping projects, such as stone patios and stone walls. The artifacts that remain from such experiments can be called Stacked Stone Sculptures.

Stacked Stone Sculptures


stone art

stacked stone vase, with swirly course work, small

dry stone art

Stacked Stone Vase with Dry Stone Sphere

Vase forms and Spheres, stacked up out of many bits of stone. The aesthetic and structural challenges involved in this work continue to fascinate me.

dry stone sculpture

Some stacked stone vases, including the famous Cup-Face Illusion, in the middle

dry stone sculpture

Small Stacked Stone Vase. Level Stacked.

log furniture

Furniture! Rustic and whimsical shelving unit

Dry Stone Spheres

stone art

Dry Stone Sphere in flowing style, upraised upon a stone dias

natural stone landscaping art

Dry Stone Sphere and Devin

Hey, here’s a photo of little ol’ me. Here I am standing with my beloved, a Dry Stone Sphere of well repute, a stacked stone sculpture which I do hold in the highest of regard. A lady without peer! I say this, in humbleness. To say that I created this sphere would be way off base. My role is was more that of a midwife.

landscape artist

My first significant Stacked Stone Sculpture, one of my favorite pieces–the worlds first dry stone sphere built in flowing stone style. Like a marble made from small bits of stone, this Orb weighs about 4 thousand pounds and is tons of fun.


Stacked Stone Sculpture: This is a growing field, a newly emergent genre. A lot of people are getting into rock balancing these days. Andy Goldsworthy has made Cairne a commonly known word. Many different dry stone guys have built dry stone spheres and stacked stone vases and dry stone urns. I know all these things 🙂 I know them well, and they are all well and good. I love to see creative expression of any kind. And stone work, I’m always a fan of good and/or creative stone work!

My goal is to do the most advanced work in the field of Stacked Stone Sculpture that I possibly can, continuously expanding my vision and constantly stretching my technical ability.

stone art

I always have something cooking

Art, not just stacked stone art, but art in general, is judged on various merits. One scale is that of perceived beauty, of aesthetic appeal. Some people, not all but some, believe that art should be pretty, be nice to look at.

Another is originality. You can make something pretty, but if it’s just a replica, and it’s not really anything new, then it will have less value and merit then a work of art which demonstrates a brand new form.

A third way that art is commonly measured is on it’s difficulty, the technical ability demonstrated, it’s level of mastery. There are some people out there who believe that great art must be challenging, not something that just anybody can do.

Well, I’m not here to judge art or compare any works based on their merits nor make any such pronouncements. In my own Stacked Stone Sculpture however, I try to excel by all three of these standards of measurement. I want to continue to bring forth new creations that are both beautiful and that push my own skill and abilities, and possibly expand the definition of what is possible in this world, somehow.

dry stone sculpture

that’s what I said


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