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Devin helped us out of a bind while in the middle of selling our house. He was professional and very knowledgeable about the task at hand. I wish I would have hired him in the first place. I would not hesitate to hire him again as his work was top notch and his price was reasonable. Sky, in Albrightsville

Ken and Stephanie needed some foundational repair work on their house in Albrightsville PA. One day this summer, Stephanie called me, asking some questions about foundational repair work. Do I do this type of masonry repair? What do I think about the methods their handy man used to try and repair the foundation?

Now usually, I do not go advertising the fact that I even do foundational repair work…but I had a few spare minutes and decided to listen to their problems, figuring I could at least offer up some good masonry advice. After listening to her describe their foundational repair issues, and the (wrong, very wrong) methods that the handy man had used to try and fix them, I described the best methods that should be used to repair the foundation. Yes, I was being a nice guy here, I’ll admit. I was offering my time for some free professional advice, having no real interest in doing the job myself, when usually I do that sort of work as a consultant, for which I am compensated. But no big deal, I figured in 5 minutes or so of my time, I could explain how to effect a proper foundational repair, and fix their leaking basement. Maybe I’d be rewarded by having someone local say something nice about me. We ended up having a few conversations, and it was decided that the handy man/carpenter (even though he was skilled in his own trade) was not the right guy to fix the leaking basement, and the homeowners themselves did not have the time to try and follow my directions and do the foundation repair themselves.

Albrightsville is right down the road from me…been thinking about buying a house there myself actually.

Yes, I do basic masonry, foundation repair and things like that

So I did take the job. Now, fact is, my great preference is to do all-natural, dry laid stone hardscapes, stone walls and garden sculptures. This is high-end stuff, and specialty, niche-work and most of my clients are in the suburbs of Philly, or New York. Sure, I get some Pocono work, but not much.

Yes, I do basic masonry, foundation repair and things like that–locally. Locally, I’ll do whatever. No job too small. Re-pointing, brick repair, leaking basements, chimney repair, basically anything with mortar, concrete, brick, block, or stone. I won’t really advertise that fact, because I don’t want people from far away thinking that I’ll travel for smaller jobs like this, but locally, if you have masonry work, feel free to give me a call.

Aside from basic masonry and masonry repair services which we only really do locally, my usual list of services includes:

traditional stone masonry

Solid stone construction. Masonry in Wayne Pennsylvania


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