Visionary Dry Stone Sculpture

visionary garden sculpture stone planter vase

“Dry” Stone Vase. First in the Lithadelic Goddess series.

visionary garden art

visionary stone art

My goal, with this art, is to take information from visionary experience, combine that gnosis with my skill as a stone mason, to create artifacts therefrom, physical manifestations derived from the visionary realms.


visionary mason Devin Devine, handsome

Born Anew, the Hammer of the Gods. Devin Devine

visionary garden art

stacked stone vase sculpture

Dance, for me stone, dance.


visionary garden sculpture

And they said unto me, “Devin, Oh how did you contrive to build this thing, and how, O how did you birth this wonder into manifestation”.

To which my answer was a mere smile and a shrug.

But from this day forth, let it be known: Devin Devine is a Wizard. Never again pester me about how I done built it, for the answer, henceforth, shall simply be “magick”. Yeah, I can avoid and evade any and all possible inquiries thusly.



cosmic garden art


These are all just words. Ascribe your own meaning. Half of what I have to say….is semi toungue in cheek. The real feeling is so much more than you’ll ever get from words anyway. A simpler more true statement from me would read: “I like working with stone. Some of my work attempts to evoke a cosmic vibe, but not everyone sees it that way. Tickle tickle tickle.”


Still, may this work elevate others, as it has me.

Thank you.


Visionary Landscape Sculpture

Dry Stone Sphere, in the shape of our earth. Torus shaped bird bath, in the shape of our Earth’s magnetic field. You can’t see it in this photo, but the bird bath has a stone carving on the front of Kokopelli, Native American fertility spirit. I could call these two Gaia and Pan, Anima and Animus. Hieros gamos, mystical union: may this land thrive.

My newest stacked stone sculpture, the Sphere at Brookside Gardens: