Brand New Stacked Stone Sphere Sculpture at Brookside Gardens

garden art

More photos, plus a blog post about this sphere, click here!

garden sphere

Okay, for now here’s a single progress photo. Brookside Gardens is a beautiful place to work and I am very happy and honored to see my sculpture featured there. Thanks FOBG! Photograph by Douglas Wolters and Coliolana Simon.

stone art in the garden

Same one. Stone Sphere at Brookside Gardens. Being wet changes the look….also, in the photos above, the sphere is covered in a bit of dust, because it had not even been hosed off yet, after it’s construction.

Dry Stone Sphere in State College Pennsylvania

close up of a dry stone sphere, smooth flowing linesDry Stone Sphere, extreme close-up.

visionary sphere sculpture made with stacked stones

hyperspace sphere, hypersphereHyperpsace Sphere the Thirdlymost. Here’s a video of the Sphere in State College: I wrote an article about the building process, for the Sphere in State College.   hyperspace sphere garden sculpture

Visionary Eco Art Sculpture in the Main-Line area in the suburbs of Philadelphia

dry stone sphere, visionary sculpture

Had to flap my wings furiously to get this shot. But that’s how much I love y’all.

visionary sculpture


colorful dry stone sculpture with deer standing next to it

Dry Stone Sphere, private residence in Devon PA

Here is an article detailing the building of this dry stone sphere.

devin on the dry stone sphere

Dry Stone Sphere in Devon PA. I Always climb the things I build. Don’t you?

Above is a photo of Devin, posing with a Sphere that he built in the town of Devon, with stone that was formed in the Devonian Period.  And his last name (I mean mine) is Devine.  That’s a lot of Devins all lined up in a row for ya…Now Devin, Devine, and Devon all are names that mean poet.  Well some of you may know that Danger, I mean Devin, is my middle name. Peter–which means Rock be my first. And let it be known, Peter Devin, of Devine Escapes, is your Stone Poet.

Dry Stone Sphere in Oaks, Schwenksville, and Tamaqua, PA

My first complete sphere was actually built to be portable and was exhibited at a home and garden show in Oaks Pennsylvania, in February 2013. dry stone sphere in Oaks Pennsylvania


Land Art

Landscape Sculpture at it’s current home, Stonehedge Gardens, Tamaqua

I’ve got many more dry stone spheres cooking. Here’s one of them, currently a work-in-progress:



 I’ve got more dry stone sculptures/stacked stone sculptures, spheres and others in the works. Check back then, soon.

  Garden published this article about one of my spheres recently.

To begin the commission process, get in touch. Serious inquiries only please.