Natural Stone Benches


Stone Benches

stone benchesThese natural stone benches are hand-made, from  irregular boulders and thick slabs of flagstone. Rustic, sturdy and unique.

stone benches handmade

The boulders have notches, hand-carved into them, and the seating platform is slid into these notches, providing a stable sitting space.

stone benches memorials

Memorial bench at Burgess Park in Glenmoore Pennsylvania



dry stone benches

This stone bench here is a variation on the concept above. The one stone has the notch carved into it, the other boulder one has a flat top. Kind of a semi-off-kilter, quirky or modern look take on a simple and rustic concept.



patio with stone benches

Notched stone benches….now I’m making them portable

The photo above is taken from a recent home and garden show, where we unveiled the new style of bench. Hand cut flagstone slab is inserted into notches cut into the upright boulders, same as before–only now, the boulders themselves are a bit smaller and rather than being set deep into the ground, the boulders have been cut-off in such as way that they will stand upright, without needing to have half their length buried in the ground. The benches come apart, in three pieces, and can be moved about and re-positioned that way.

hand made stone bench


Newest piece:

stone bench poconos

This one involved very little work. The boulder on the right side already stood up straight without needing to saw or grind the bottom flat. The flagstone is left in it’s natural shape, except that I did carve it in order to warp it around the natural contours of the left boulder.

careved stone bench

natural stone furniture

Winter sale more items to be posted soon.

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